• VIDEO: Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

    Clean Solar Solutions MD, Steve Williams, speaks at the All Energy Show in Glasgow in May 2018 on the subject "Dropping the Bomb on Solar Soiling No One Is Lichen."

    Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

    He delivers a quick-fire lesson on the problems that bird droppings and lichen bring to solar panels and how to remove the bird droppings and lichen from these solar panels.

    Please feel free to contact us for advice and pricing for our lichen removal service.

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Clean Solar Solutions 2016 Review - January & February

With 2016 now over bar the shouting, we look back on the past year and review stand out projects that Clean Solar Solutions have been able to complete and other milestones along the way, starting with January...

January:  This saw an interesting job come in from M3 Solutions in the shape of solar panel cleaning at Wessex Grain in Somerset, UK.  It is one of the UK's tallest grain stores at about 21m to the apex of the roof where 680 solar panels were waiting to be cleaned.  Due to the height alone this was a taxing job, but the fact that the panels were 17-deep in landscape meant that our choice of access and equipment had to be spot-on.

We finished January with a round of solar panel cleans on poultry sheds on the south coast for Anesco.

February:  We were glad to welcome on board Nikki Cluff, who, with previous experience of managing the O&M on the Bluefield portfolio, brought a wealth of experience of caring for larger portfolios.  February also saw the cleaning of one of the most complicated roof mounted solar arrays we have cleaned, a 1.8MW roof mount on 3 barrel roofs at Parker Steel for Belgium-based Perpetum.  Access again was our biggest issue here.  With barrel roofs and limited mansafe system in place, our health and safety measures had to be stringent.

Next up was the UK's largest manual cleaning of a solar farm to be undertaken, a mighty 37.3MW ground mount at Bournemouth Airport for O&M provider, Silverstone Green Energy.