Mansafe Testing From Clean Solar Solutions Ltd

It is a legislative requirement in that Latchways mansafe systems are maintained and tested regularly and subsequently certified by suitably qualified personnel. Key system checks that we perform on mansafe systems are:

  • Deployment of shock absorbers, such as the Constant Force posts
  • Cable check
  • Base plate check
  • Bracket check
  • Turnbuckle check
  • Swage tests
  • Torque checks
  • Structural check
  • Performance check

After these checks are performed on the mansafe system, we can either provide detailed remedial action if the system is faulty, or pass and certify the mansafe system if all is well.

 Mansafe Certification From Clean Solar Solutions Ltd

Clean Solar Solutions are able to sychronise the annual check of the mansafe system at the same time as we carry out the solar panel cleaning on a system or other planned solar array maintenance.  This may thereby save you 2 hires of cherry picker or other access equipment, providing you with an excellent value service.

If you would like a price for mansafe system testing or to discuss this in more detail, please feel free to contact us.