• VIDEO: Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

    Clean Solar Solutions MD, Steve Williams, speaks at the All Energy Show in Glasgow in May 2018 on the subject "Dropping the Bomb on Solar Soiling No One Is Lichen."

    Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

    He delivers a quick-fire lesson on the problems that bird droppings and lichen bring to solar panels and how to remove the bird droppings and lichen from these solar panels.

    Please feel free to contact us for advice and pricing for our lichen removal service.

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Solar Car Park Cleaning From Clean Solar Solutions

Solar car park cleaning is now available across the whole of Australia from Clean Solar Solutions.  Solar car parks are fast becoming part of the solar infrastructure in Australia, with canopies cropping up at petrol stations, supermarkets, service stations, car parks and other facilities.

Solar car parks are useful in many ways.  They provide free electricity for charging electric vehicles as well as providing free electricity for the facility where they are sited.  For supermarkets, solar car parks are appealing not only to reduce the energy bills of the store, but customers are able to walk from their car to the store in the dry, no matter what the weather.   

The largest solar car park in Australia is currently in New South Wales' Sydney Markets.  The 911KW solar car park is located on their car park at Flemington.  The project began in early 2014 when Autonomous Energy was commissioned to install 170w Kyocera panels to cover 71 cars and trucks on the car park.  This has expanded since to incorporate more solar panels and blossom to it's current size.  It will remain Australia's largest solar car park until Adelaide Airport energises it's 1.17MW solar car park on it's short term car park.

If you own or maintain a solar car park, please contact us for information on how cleaning the solar panels on your solar car park will benefit you or your client.