• VIDEO: Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

    Clean Solar Solutions MD, Steve Williams, speaks at the All Energy Show in Glasgow in May 2018 on the subject "Dropping the Bomb on Solar Soiling No One Is Lichen."

    Removing Lichen & Bird Droppings From Solar Panels

    He delivers a quick-fire lesson on the problems that bird droppings and lichen bring to solar panels and how to remove the bird droppings and lichen from these solar panels.

    Please feel free to contact us for advice and pricing for our lichen removal service.

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Bird Deterrents Stand Guard Over Solar Panels In East Sussex

Clean Solar Solutions have installed wind-driven bird deterrents that now stand guard over the solar panels mounted on an East Sussex school.

The output of the solar panels was being reduced by the accumulation of bird droppings from nearby nesting birds.  The high visibility of the deterrent from the air and the random nature of the movement of the bird deterrent proves to be very effective at deterring birds from visiting the area. 

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The bird deterrents fitted at Helenswood Academy in East Sussex is the latest installation of bird deterrents that Clean Solar Solutions have fitted on a number of schools for Ethical Power.  The link above shows a video of the bird deterrents in action.

Reducing bird activity near solar panels is very important.  Bird droppings on solar panels create shade, cause that part of the panel to overheat and thereby reduces output.  By installing bird deterrents and cleaning the solar panels regularly, a high level of output is maintained by ensuring the panels are free from shading.

If you have solar panels that are plagued by birds, please contact us to see how we can help you.