Solar Panel Cleaning Robots

Clean Solar Solutions were the first UK based professional solar panel cleaning company to offer a national automated solar panel cleaning option and we have brought these skills and robots to Ireland.

These solar panel cleaning robots are excellent for cleaning large scale solar farms and solar parks where tens of thousands of solar panels make cleaning both time and labour intensive.  They can also be used on large commercial rooftop solar arrays.  Below is a video of one of our robots in action!

The lithium battery-powered robot is capable of working on slopes up to 25 degrees, with a variable speed of up to 30 metres per minute.  We can clean up to 5,000m2 per day with a single robot and operative.

Robot Solar Panel Cleaning 1.1MW Rooftop

See some incredible video footage of our new solar panel cleaning robot in action on some of the dirtiest solar panels Clean Solar Solutions have ever cleaned!  They were located on chicken sheds in the UK.

Key Solar Panel Cleaning Robot Facts

  • Single operative use
  • Cleans roof and ground mounted panels
  • Length 1450 mm
  • Width 1300 mm
  • Height 350 mm
  • Brush width 1200 mm or 2200 mm
  • Total weight 65 kg
  • Brush rotation speed 160 RPM
  • Climbing capacity 25 degrees

Automated Solar Panel Cleaning Robot

Watch this larger alternative robot solar panel cleaning solution in action.  Contact us to discuss the options and we can help you find the appropriate solution for your system.

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If you are the designer, owner or maintain large scale solar farms, please feel free to contact us about this solar panel cleaning option.