Solar Panel Cleaning & Bird Proofing Fitted to Romford Home

by | Nov 18, 2015 | Bird Issues, Residential

A Romford homeowner has seen instant improvements from having a rounded out residential solar panel maintenance service from Clean Solar Solutions.  They had a problem with birds nesting under and resting on their solar panels, which in turn created a mess on their solar panels and the solar panels were at risk from damage by birds pecking at the wiring on the underside of the solar panels.

Karen Williams, Residential Coordinator for Clean Solar Solutions comments “The homeowner contacted us under some duress due to the mess that the birds were creating.  Mr Seabrook monitors the output of his solar panels closely and realised the birds were impacting on the output of his solar panels, so we needed to act as quickly as we could.”

Bird droppings on solar panels create permanent shade.  Because of how solar panels work, a bird dropping can impact on the output of a single panel, but this has a knock on effect on to the rest of the output of the solar panels in that array and overheats the shaded part of the solar panel.  So keeping bird droppings off solar panels is very important. 

Williams continues “We sent out a roofing team who fitted bird proofing measures around the perimeter of the solar panels, in line with the guidelines provided by the solar panel manufacturer’s warranty.  When the birds cannot access the underside of the solar panels, they move on.  One of our solar panel cleaning teams followed close behind and removed the bird droppings from the solar panels.”

Mr Seabrook is very happy with the results and will enjoy a continued solar maintenance program from us.

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