Our solar thermal imaging service offers several advantages to solar installers and end-users alike. Our thermal imaging cameras, mounted on drones or handheld versions, can see anomalies and faults that can clearly be seen on a crisp thermal image and unlike some other fault finding methods, we can use our thermal cameras to spot faults while the solar panels are still in operation. 

Our drone can survey utility scale solar farms and large roof mounted solar arrays using an octocopter, fully equipped with a high quality visual and thermal imaging camera, irradiance meter and powerful onboard computer which can analyse the data in real time and provide accurate, automated, real time reports.

Drone Solar Panel Thermal Imaging

We are able to provide a thermal imaging service during array installation, but perhaps most importantly, we can provide you with a regular predictive maintenance check-up after the solar panels have been installed. Our thermal cameras will spot potential problem areas and you can then look to repair before actual problems or failures occur.

Our thermal imaging camera allows us to quickly identify defects at both module and cell level as well as wiring and interconnection problems under normal operating conditions and we do not require a system shut down. This means that we can provide your system with a regular check-up and potentially increase drastically the solar array owners return on investment.

Common faults include:

  • Hotspots
  • Bipass Diode Failures
  • Clusters of Thermal Anomalies
  • Disconnected Panels
  • Overheating components in junction and connection boxes

Any faults or anomalies that are found are reported to your site maintenance team or solar array owner. Where a member of the solar maintenance team is on site, they may be able to rectify any problems that require urgent attention.

The use of IR Drones in Australia is covered by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), which regulates all aircraft/flight operations in Australia, remote and piloted.  As a result, drone operations are subject to the requisite approvals/certificates and will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Please contact us if you would like to arrange a thermal imaging survey on your solar array.

Drone Thermal Imaging