Solar Panel Maintenance, Servicing & Repairs

by | Apr 16, 2016 | Servicing

Solar panel maintenance and servicing is an important part of ensuring your solar array runs at it optimum performance and in turn creates as much power and money as possible.  Preventative maintenance on your solar panels is as important as servicing your car.  No one waits for a breakdown before they carry out work on their car.  Servicing your car identifies potential problems before they occur and works out cheaper than reactive repairs when your car breaks  down.  Carrying out preventative maintenance and servicing on your solar panels is exactly the same and you can in turn avoid breakdowns and costly repairs.  

The best way to maintain your solar array is by way of an annual inspection.  Your solar panels are expected to work for the next 20-25 years and as a result, maintenance and servicing is important as a poorly performing system can affect your financial income as well as the reduced power the solar panels would produce.

Annual servicing of a system can detect any small problem or defect which can be rectified before causing full system failure or cost considerably more to fix if left unchecked.

Our solar array annual maintenance package consists of:

  • Inspection of solar PV system panels, framework, fixings and wiring to check security.
  • Report on condition of your solar PV installed to MSC standards.
  • Assessment of your solar systems actual performance against projected estimates
  • Testing of the DC circuits and switches
  • Testing of the AC electrical system and safety devices (RCD and Circuit breakers).
  • Removal of dust build up and debris from the inverter which could affect performance through overheating.

Our fully qualified solar panel engineers will also be able to assess if the system has been designed and fitted to the correct standards. It is unfortunate that we have attended properties were the system has been poorly installed and in some cases replaced switches which have suffered burn out, avoiding any potential fire risk.   

There are a growing number of solar panel owners who are suffering system failures and they have been left with little or no after sales care.  Many solar panel installation companies have ceased to trade and there maybe no one to contact when your system develops a fault and equipment under warranty needs replacing. We will help with the warranty process and as an approved installer of most inverter brands, where possible, may be able to help you get the equipment replaced free of charge.

There are many companies out there offering solar panel maintenance servicing and repairs on large scale solar arrays.  We on the other hand ONLY service systems up to 250kW in size, providing a bespoke and affordable solar maintenance and back up service for commercial, agricultural and residential clients.

I called Clean Solar Solutions Ltd to refit panels which had come loose in the winds as they had not been securely fitted by the installers.  When I called the installers, I found they were no longer in business.  On testing the system, the engineers found a further fault with the DC switch, which had burnt out.  My system is now working well and my payment have increased since the service. I would recommend getting your system check for your own peace of mind.

Mr J Field, Oswestry

If you own a roof mounted or ground mounted solar array that is 250kW or smaller and you require solar panel maintenance, servicing or repairs, please contact us for a tailor made package and quotation.