Solar Panels at Europe’s First Floating Solar Farm Cleaned

by | Nov 12, 2014 | Floating Solar, Floating Solar Panels, Milestones

The solar panels at Europe’s first floating solar farm have been cleaned by Clean Solar Solutions. The unique 200KW array is made up of 800 solar panels that are mounted on flotation devices, located on a farm-based reservoir near Reading, Berkshire in the UK. The solar panels were installed by site owners Floating Solar UK, in conjunction with French developers Ciel & Terre.

Steve Williams, M.D. of Clean Solar Solutions comments “This was an extremely exciting project for us. To be able to say that we cleaned the panels on the very first floating array in Europe is fun but also an important milestone for us. We believe that floating solar arrays is an excellent use of the space available at reservoirs. All of our cleaning team members are hoping they are among those we send to clean this unique array. After all, accessing solar panels via a boat is certainly not something we get to do every day!”

In Australia, we too have started using floating solar technology.  In Jamestown, South Australia, a 4MW solar array was commissioned on a waste water site owned by Northern Areas Council.  Eventually, PV modules will cover five basins of water in Jamestown and Gladstone, in South Australia’s north.  At it’s installation, it was claimed that the energy produced would meet the energy needs of the plant at a cost of 15% lower than retail prices and would generate 57% more than land-based solar generation.

South Australia has set the lead.  It’s now time for the other states to get behind this form of solar production.s own  

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