Wind turbines, like any other outdoor surface, naturally accumulate dust and other forms of detritus. Often with wind turbines, this takes the form of grease or hydraulic oil from motors and other parts of the turbine. This proves to be unsightly and can cause dirt to accumulate at an accelerated pace. If left unchecked, the wind turbine can begin to look unsightly.

 With over 20 years experience in the commercial external cleaning industry, we are in a prime position to provide you with a professional wind turbine cleaning service. On some wind turbines, we can use high pressure cleaning, yet in other instances, low pressure cleaning is needed. We can also provide a hand detailed finish if the demands of the job require it and if the wind turbine needs that extra bit of care and attention.

To reduce your costs, it may be possible to synchronise the cleaning of your wind turbine with the regular inspection or service schedule. 

 If you have a wind turbine that is in need of cleaning or if you require further information, please feel free to contact us.